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Hackpack News Sandbagger Report Updated
Posted by zewtastic on Tuesday, May 05, 2015 (16:10:31) (37 reads)

The sandbagger report has been fixed and updated for 2015. Enjoy - Sandbaggers.

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Hackpack News The Times They Are A Changin'
Posted by zewtastic on Sunday, April 19, 2015 (18:43:22) (42 reads)

Yes The Times Are A Changin'
Make sure to get into the clubhouse Monday night after your round for more details.

Pictures are due.
I have placed an ogre head for people with no image. Hopefully Myself and Gary Lefebvre will be filling those missing pictures in over the next couple weeks.

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Hackpack News Understand how you got your points!
Posted by zewtastic on Tuesday, April 14, 2015 (16:06:37) (38 reads)

If you do not understand how your points were calculated, you can look at the report: Player Points Detail. Found in the left-side Reports menu.

That report shows how each hole played out and if you won/lost/tied for match play including your handicap calculation.

For those of you unfamiliar with the rules and how points are determined, read the Hackpack Rules PDF found at the bottom left of the links menu.

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Hackpack News Week 1 in the books
Posted by zewtastic on Tuesday, April 14, 2015 (04:09:01) (39 reads)

Week 1 is complete, next week we get 15 more minutes of daylight.

We had a a small mix-up with the Blue division scorecards not matching the schedule, but that has been fixed going forward. I blame the QA guy.

A few more small bugs were squashed.

I will be turning on the recap reports after I get them ready for prime time.

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Hackpack News Schedules are live!
Posted by zewtastic on Thursday, March 05, 2015 (04:44:29) (55 reads)

The randomization process has been completed and everybody's tee times should be highly varied.

The degree of randomization would be a little higher if the Blue division did not have to be split in two and alternate between front and back.

See everyone on April 13th.

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Hackpack News Need More Shuffle!
Posted by zewtastic on Tuesday, March 03, 2015 (07:35:00) (46 reads)

As it appears some tee times for some players are still not random enough, The schedules will be undergoing some more change.

This will not affect who plays whom, rather just when they play.

This issue is directly related to the origin of the pairings which is based upon a fixed table of generated pairings, that is sequential.

Here is an example of what it looks like for 28 players for 2 weeks.
//---- 28 players ---------
$pairings[28][1][1] = "1-28";
$pairings[28][1][2] = "2-27";
$pairings[28][1][3] = "3-26";
$pairings[28][1][4] = "4-25";
$pairings[28][1][5] = "5-24";
$pairings[28][1][6] = "6-23";
$pairings[28][1][7] = "7-22";
$pairings[28][1][8] = "8-21";
$pairings[28][1][9] = "9-20";
$pairings[28][1][10] = "10-19";
$pairings[28][1][11] = "11-18";
$pairings[28][1][12] = "12-17";
$pairings[28][1][13] = "13-16";
$pairings[28][1][14] = "14-15";
$pairings[28][2][1] = "2-28";
$pairings[28][2][2] = "3-27";
$pairings[28][2][3] = "4-26";
$pairings[28][2][4] = "5-25";
$pairings[28][2][5] = "6-24";
$pairings[28][2][6] = "7-23";
$pairings[28][2][7] = "8-22";
$pairings[28][2][8] = "9-21";
$pairings[28][2][9] = "10-20";
$pairings[28][2][10] = "11-19";
$pairings[28][2][11] = "12-18";
$pairings[28][2][12] = "13-17";
$pairings[28][2][13] = "14-16";
$pairings[28][2][14] = "1-15";

I am going to write a randomization sequence for the scheduling process. It will take each weeks pairings and create a random sequence and that will generate new tee times for all matches.

This is somewhat complicated by the fact that the blue division is split in two, with one half playing the front and the 2nd half playing the back. So technically I will need to alternate swapping half the sequences top to bottom, and then randomize each half separately. If this is not done the Blue players will not alternate play week to week, front to back.

Thanks Bill Stokes. I can't actually say this will be done any time soon.

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Hackpack News Hackpack UPDATE from the web guy.
Posted by zewtastic on Monday, March 02, 2015 (04:48:18) (48 reads)

So I spent a good amount of time re-coding a great deal of back-end code this year. Bringing many things up to date.

This site was first built for the 2003 season at Mather so it has been a long time ago that some of this code was first created. It has gone through many tune-ups and tweaks over the years but there were still a lot of magic numbers floating around as well as bad code.

In addition to all the fixes, Tom's new idea of splitting the Blue Division between front and back caused a little more work than I originally expected. My code generated the matches fine, but due to the way the pairings tables are built, it was not balancing players matches between the front and back.

The side effect of doing this is that players in the White and Red divisions will probably see a bit more change in their tee times than in the past. So if you felt all your tee times were mostly after 5:30 for example, you should probably see a more equal distribution of earlier and later tee times now.

There are still a number of bugs to track down, and reports to tweak to be sure and I hope to have them all working fine by league start.

I have released the schedules, but as Tom is still checking them (he is my QA guy), and there may still be some issue I missed, they could go through more adjustment as needed.

If you have any questions please email Tom or myself, Tom if you do not have my email.

There are a number of new faces(names), and some very old faces as well (Jim Knibb), so if you see any misspellings or incorrect genders please let us know.

John Rappold
hackpack Luminary

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Hackpack News Hackpack 2015
Posted by zewtastic on Sunday, November 23, 2014 (21:11:40) (110 reads)

Hackpack 2015 is moving!

Moving back to Mather G.C.

Both the front and back of the course will be used, which will be nice as previously hackpack did not have access to the back nine, arguably the harder half of Mather.

Asa will stop letting 18 hole rounds tee off after 2pm to block off a clear time for hackpack players. This will be a nice luxury from having to deal with weekly issues at Haggin Oaks that blocked the league from playing timely rounds.

A block of tee times for the blue division is starting much earlier, currently slated for 4:30. They will start spread on both the front and back tees.

This will allow the league size to remain at it's familiar capacity and give some flexibility.

Many are excited to play a new course and at the prospect of playing both the front and the back now.

A number of new (old) players will be returning to Hackpack that used to play back when Hackpack was previously at Mather many years ago.

Make sure to contact Tom at hackpackgolf @ g m a i l dot com for more information and to reserve your spot for 2015.

The goal is to have new schedules in place by the end of january.

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